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How to Wash a Dog


Many people who own dogs usually neglect the fact that they should be kept clean always. The cleanliness of your dog depends on you squarely due to the fact that the dogs are neither bothered with the cleanliness of their body. Being dirty of or stinky is not a major concern to the dogs that we keep, thus it is our responsibility to ensure that we wash our dogs. The body of the dogs harbor various parasites that are harmful both to the dogs and it calls for dog bathing to prevent the menace resulting from these parasites. Many people find it tiresome and unpleasant duty to wash the dogs since they employ poor methods of washing the dogs. If the method is poor the dog will resist the bath at all costs making people feel that washing dog is a hard task.


The following factors should put in consideration when one is washing a dog without much struggle:


Select the best washing soap


The soap used should be those that are gentle on the body of the dog and should not have the itching effect on the body of the dog. The odor of the soup should also be pleasant to the dogs as dogs will always resist strange unpleasant smells.


Befriend the dog


Dogs are usually very funny creatures and require to be kept too close as friends to be able to wash them. You are required to always entice them with the favorite play toys or food. The dogs are supposed to have confidence in you that you desire good for them. This makes any activity you do to them accepted since they feel you are for their good.


Avoid certain sensitive parts of the dog.


Parts such as the ears and the nose of the dog are usually sensitive to an extent that they resist any person from touching or washing such parts. It is advisable to use cotton wool to block the ears to prevent water from getting into the inner parts of the ears.


Use warm water


The bodies of dogs are usually kept warm with the thick hair such that when cold water is added their body temperature is changed drastically making the dogs to shiver, an experience that can cause sickness to the dogs. Warm water will ensure that the body temperature is maintained.


When the above tips are practiced wash dog will be a joyous thing to do since there will be no resistance as the dogs will also enjoy it. Please check out if you have questions.